I’m having Gambell and Hunter from Camden Maine make the sail. 

OK, So I’m pretty much over constructing a barking furnace, or making sails for that matter. At least for the time being. I did contact John Harris at CLC regarding a larger sail plan.  He said “a Laser dinghy has a sail area/displacement ratio of 46.76, whereas the Northeaster Dory Lug’s SA/D is 43.21.  By the numbers, more
horsepower than a Laser!  ..’having sailed a lot in both, the Northeaster Dory is a lot more comfortable though.  It just kinda feels right, not under-rigged or over-rigged.  I think people fixate on the Dory’s 17-foot length, without considering that it’s 20 pounds lighter than a Laser and at least as easily-driven.” 

As far as traditional sails go, Gambell and Hunter from Camden Maine provided a reasonable quote, and in an acceptable timeframe. 

Now on to building….I head to the MacBeaths for 2 sheets of hydro-tek 9mm plywood. I’m going to scarf the plywood for the dory bottom, bulkheads, daggerboard, transom, and rudder. The hull panels are cut from 6mm ply. $145 -6mm, $220

Oars – Van Fancy Paddles and Oars $100 for 9′ and less that $50 to ship to CA. Varnish and Leathers, rubbers and buttons are extra!  I have leathers that I purchased at Grapeview Point Boat Works, Tom Regan teaches a class in Leathering Oars which I might take. 

The Epoxy is from Progressive Epoxy Polymers was less $250.



About timotaeus

I have long been fascinated with wooden boats and especially the dory. This blog is a build diary of a 17' Northeaster Dory with a a balanced lugsail. View all posts by timotaeus

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